Berlin, Germany
Mitglied seit 2023

Sven Badalyan


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I am an AI consultant and developer in Cloud, NLP and Computer Vision.

To my clients belong well-known companies such as Microsoft, Zalando, Infineon and more. My involvement in projects such as OpenAI GPT4 custom embedding engineering, face and body identification, bacterial detection in microscopic images, breast cancer detection in MRI images, text recognition, robotic arm optimisation, and intelligent trunk opening systems demonstrate my ability to develop innovative solutions showing my high-level technical skills and in-depth understanding of AI systems.

Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, NLP, OpenAI, GPT4, OCR,
Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Embedded,
Time Series Analysis

Python > 11 years
C++ & C > 6 years
Matlab > 8 years
Azure > 3 years
AWS > 4 years

Software & Tools
Scikit-learn, OpenCV, Numpy, Tensorflow, PyTorch, PyTesseract, Docker, Pandas, SQL, Spark, AWS Sagemaker, Linux, CUDA, C++, Git, Power BI

IoT & Embedded
Jetson Nano, ARM Cortex, AT- mega

Production Code
Unittest, Pytest, Poetry

Fachlicher Hintergrund
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin Master of Science in Mathematics, M.Sc., Final grade: 1.0, equivalent to a GPA of 4.0

Thesis: “Optimal control of singularly perturbed parabolic Partial Differential Equations interpreted as regularized continuous analogues of Deep Neural Networks”.
Relevant coursework: Statistics; Machine Learning; Neural Networks; Optimization; Partial Differential Equations; Finite Element Methods

Humboldt Universität zu Berlin Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, B.Sc.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, B.Sc.
Thesis: “A primally unsteady Petrov-Galerkin finite element method of lower order for hyperelasticity”.

Kenntnisse, Skills
AWSC++Data ScienceLLM GPT-3/4/x (OpenAI)LLM • Large Language ModelsMachine LearningMathematik • StatistikMicrosoft Azure Cloud PlatformOpenCV • Computer VisionPrompt EngineeringPythonPyTorchTensorFlow
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