Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Mitglied seit 2023

Mirza Klimenta, PhD


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Dr. Mirza Klimenta received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Konstanz (Germany) at age 25. While in academia, Mirza worked in the fields of dimension reduction and graph embedding, and his work has been recognized by the scientific community. As a (Senior) Data Scientist, Mirza focuses on Recommender Systems, Pricing Engines and Algorithm Engineering. His most notable work is in the design and implementation of a Recommender System powering ARD Audiothek.

Fields of expertise:

  • Recommender Systems: beside building the ARD Audiothek Recommender, Mirza developed Recommenders for news domain, sport betting, social networks, etc.
  • Pricing Engines: using AI to answer the question “What would be a good price for this particular service or item?”
  • Stock Market Predictions: making use of graphs and NLP techniques to help the stock market prediction models achieve higher accuracy
  • Embeddings: anything vector-related
  • LLMs for business: fine-tuning commercial LLMs with company data

For references, please check his LinkedIn profile:

Kenntnisse, Skills
Conversational AI • Chatbots • Voicebots • ProduktbotsData ScienceDeep LearningEntwicklung KI Core • AlgorithmenMachine LearningMicrosoft Azure AI Platform • AI StudioNeuronale NetzePyTorchRecommendation EnginesTensorFlow
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