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I work as an AI software developer. Major parts of my job role involve developing neural networks as well as the data needed for it.

The other part of my job involves developing prototypes on the AI technology we develop at Captury. Captury works in real-time markerless motion capture systems – read more.

I develop various prototypes in Unreal, Unity, and for Oculus Quest. I contribute in C++, C, and Python towards the core software also and the plugins needed for the 3D simulation software.

I extensively work with Blender and its Python API to generate the synthetic datasets. I developed the Python library for Captury using C-API’s of CPython, that provides user access to internal implementation of Captury. This enabled Captury for the first time to scale the Shot processing on server farms.

I also developed the hand tracking technology.

I have been working on and off with Captury since the summer of 2020 and joined them as full-time in January 2022.

Kenntnisse, Skills
C++Data EngineeringData ScienceDeep LearningDigital Human • AI AvatarEntwicklung KI Core • AlgorithmenfastaiGitHub Copilot / XHugging Face ML ToolsMachine LearningOpenCV • Computer VisionPythonPyTorchReinforcement Learning • RL • RLHFScikit-LearnSprache KI • NLPTensorFlowUnix • LinuxVisualisierung • SimulationVR • Virtual Reality
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