• You will design, architect and build new software components for our existing and future medical products like mdbrain/mdprostate and our non-medical product mdhub.
  • You will identify and fix complex issues in the existing code base.
  • You will ensure the high quality of our software by suggesting and introducing new technologies, improving quality standards, doing performance analysis, analysing and proposing refactorings to the existing code base;
  • You will work on improving or adding new automations to make sure our automated testing and deployment infrastructure is optimal and comprehensive;
  • You will be proactive in suggesting ideas, solutions, improvements during product and technical discussions;
  • You will guide and support other junior engineers in their growth, lead periodic workshops to enhance the capabilities of the software team and take care that our internal documentation stays in great shape, including coming up with auto-documentation solutions.


  • You graduated in Computer Science;
  • You have 5+ years of work experience as a Backend Software Engineer;
  • You have already designed and implemented complex software systems;
  • You have experience in debugging – e.g. with step debuggers – and performance analysis (profiling) – you have already optimised / improved the performance of some software units before;
  • You have a pretty good understanding of operating systems, networking fundamentals and databases theory including SQL;
  • You have experience using Docker;
  • You believe less is more and aim to always find simple and maintainable solutions to engineering problems. You are used to finding good compromises;
    Python does not have secrets for you;
  • You are fluent in English (at least C1).

One of the following makes you stand out:

  • You have 2+ years of experience working on Artificial Intelligence-related projects;
  • You know and/or have worked with the DICOM protocol/standard before;
  • You have experience with (medical) 3D image processing (extra bonus: in the browser using e.g. vtk.js, itk.js or cornerstone.js);
  • You also have experience and/or interest in Frontend Technologies like JavaScript (ES6) and React;
  • You are also fluent in German (at least C1).

Verschlagwortet als: Docker, Python, Software Architektur

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