Berlin, DE
Mitglied seit 2023

Niels Wesselhöfft, PhD


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♦ Analytical competence, based on a combination of academic education (PhD) and business experience (e.g. Deutsche Bank and Tesla)

♦ Knowledge of the operational business in the financial/automotive industry and research departments, gained during my engagements with Deutsche Bank, Tesla and BVV Pensionskasse

♦ Scientific working as crucial element for analysis, utilized extensively in the research group IRTG 1792, dissertation on fractal structures in financial markets

♦ Computational implementation of statistical and financial models in nonstationary environments, automated through BI landscape such as Power BI

♦ Automation of time-consuming internal processes, solved through python automation with BI interface as output, focus on KI (Tesla)

♦ Developed personal responsibility and team awareness, emerged especially while serving as antiaircraft-soldier in the Bundeswehr and teaching at HU Berlin

♦ High mental and physical resilience, organizing regular trainings of our chair for the German sports badge examination, competing in B-cup tournaments in beachvolleyball

♦ International orientation, gained through exchange studies, conferences and my participation in the International Research Training Group 1792 for “High-Dimensional Non-Stationary Time-Series”

Kenntnisse, Skills
BI • Business IntelligenceBig DataBusiness AnalyticsData AnalyticsData ScienceFinanzen • InvestmentsMarketing-AutomationMathematik • StatistikMATLABMicrosoft Power BIPythonRobotic Process Automation + KI • RPA • UIPath etc.Stable DiffusionWissensmanagement
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